Vintage Car


This is a class vintage car TG504 model 3D wooden puzzle. Challenge yourself by assembling all the pieces together, have fun and learn more about its structure and design.

  • Age: 8+
  • Material: Wood
  • Assembly Time: 1.5h
  • Pieces: 164
  • Assembled Size: 160*70*80mm

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Rolife Vintage Car 3D Wooden Puzzle TG504

Rolife Vintage Car Model TG504 is a classic 3D wooden puzzle you could build with your hands. We have selected the most popular car model and made it into an exquisite and creative wooden puzzle for adults and teenagers of all ages. If you are a car lover, don’t hesitate! Enjoy your self-assembling journey. It is a perfect gift to celebrate a birthday and holiday!


  • Material: 2mm Linden Plywood, Accessories package, etc.
  • Recommended Age: 14 years and up


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