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3D Wooden Puzzles

Robotime UK has a group of professional developers of passionate and creative designers to bring you unique and stunning 3D wooden puzzle designs with no glue or cutting required.

DIY Miniature Dollhouse

Every house has a story and a life in it. We are proud to introduce the most adorable and detailed DIY miniature house in the world - Rolife Miniature House.

Eye-catching Decorative

The finished look of Robotime products are definitely perfect home decorations with fancy appearance and unique design that ia never out of date.

Playtime with Kids

A great parent & child project to build together during holidays or over a wet weekend. Adults love these kits too, especially those who enjoy hands-on activities.

Robotime UK - One Stop Gift Wholesale Store

Driven by our dedication to originality, we aspire to explore the essence of joy as our brand mission. By promoting a positive, healthy, and fashionable lifestyle, we invite individuals of all ages to embark on a perpetual journey of discovery and self-expression.


Constantly working to improve ROBOTIME products in order to reach the standard of EN71, FSC, BSCI, etc.


Faithful to our own design and self-production. Hundreds of designers focusing on original products to create one-of-a-kind puzzle assembly products.

Build DIY Goods for Your Enjoyment

At ROBOTIME, we are dedicated to providing innovative, imaginative and educational products to our customers. Our excellent Research & Development team offers you the opportunity to customize the projects as you like.

We have infused unique spiritual cores into “Rolife” and “ROKR,” dedicated to unleashing the passion for life alongside passionate, patient, and imaginative players worldwide.

uk robotime wholesale puuzles and dollhouses

Hot Selling Collections

Curious Discovery

ROKR Curious Discovery is a tribute to the great sages who explored the world. One of the most popular selling collections from 3D wooden puzzles. 

Stories in Books

Feeling a bit bored with your bookshelf or reading area? Robotime-Rolife DIY book nook kit is a self-assembly bookshelf decoration piece in the form of a miniature house.

Robotime UK Wholesale Showroom

Robotime, a fashion culture creative company, was founded in 2007. Upholding “focus on originality,” we take daily life as our design inspiration and are committed to providing people around the world with the most imaginative and creative products to help them explore the infinite charm of life.

Unique Puzzles

Robotime UK is a wholesale distributor that welcomes you to a brand-new world of unique and hard-to-find products for your business.

100% Nature Wood
Eco Materials

Quality is a promise but also an attitude. Only uniquely valuable products with solid technology and an ever-improving spirit keep every customer assured.

Frequently Asked Questions

We charge a £10 shipping fee for all UK and Ireland orders under £1000. For more information about order cooperation, please feel free to contact us for inquiries.

We don’t require a minimum purchase amount.

Typically, we deliver within a week of receiving an order as we have a warehouse in the UK for direct shipping.

We offer customization services, both for the product itself and for the product packaging. 

Please note that all our orders are paid for by bank transfer and we will ship the contents of your order upon receipt of payment.

We have a special warehouse shipping channel, of course we also have cooperation with UPS, you can choose your own transportation method.