Secluded Neighbour


Secluded Neighbour belongs to Mysterious World series. With a transparent cover, it is easy to see the whole stereoscopic scene. It is a deep well with two floors underground concluding a study and a cellar. With brown and pink as main colors, the house looks more interesting while showing the mystery of the magical secret place. Enjoy assembling this well-designed house!

  • Age:14+
  • Material:Wood, Paper, Metal, Acrylic cylinder
  • Assembly Time: 24h
  • Assembled Size: 125*130*245 mm
  • Pieces: 135

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Secluded Neighbour DIY Glass Miniature Dollhouse kit DS003

This wood design Robotime DS003 Secluded Neighbour DIY Glass Dollhouse kit can make you love arts and crafts. It requires period|moment and patience, but you will feel significantly fulfilled as soon as you finish it. You might color, assemble, stitch, and also an architect in such a lovely DIY miniature house collection.


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