Bear’s Sweetie


“French Romantic Style: This miniature house is based on the theme of girls’ garden afternoon tea party: joyful, bright, delicate and leisurely.

The overall blue-green color expresses the fresh sunny afternoon, and the pink color creates a sweet romantic atmosphere. No matter how old you are, you can always believe in fairy tales.

  • Age: 14+
  • Material: Wood, Cardboard, Metal, PET
  • Assembly Time: 1h
  • Assembled Size: 100*80*180mm
  • Pieces: 44

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Rolife Bear’s Sweetie DIY Dollhouse Box Theater DS024

Rolife Starry Melody DIY Dollhouse Box Theater DS025

Mini Theater Match with Figure Dolls: It can be used as a figure doll display scene to increase the sense of atmosphere – the figure doll can become the main character of the box theater to enhance the sense of immersion, cooperate with each other to jointly interpret the dream of the romantic fairy tale world. This Bear’s Sweetie dollhouse will match perfectly with the Viola Cornuta, Fountain & Smug Gardener Figure Dolls of our Rolife Nanci Secret Garden Series (or other 7-9 cm cute & sweet style figure dolls of your choice).

Multi-functional Dollhouse: This dollhouse is also functional. It contains an aesthetic dustproof, a pull-out PET board, transparent display and self-contained dustproof; and a storage drawer that can store counterweight coins and cards, common needle and thread buttons, etc.

Ambient Warm Light: It also contains a warm light and a hidden battery box. Each light+battery box is assembled in one piece, no need to wire yourself, which is simple and beautiful.”


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