Owl Clock


This is a real wooden clock which tells you the acurate time. Looking for a unique clock like owl? You just have found it!

  • Number of Pieces: 161
  • Difficulty Level: ★★★★☆☆
  • Assembly Time: About 4h
  • Age: 14+
  • Package Size: 357*233*57mm
  • Assembly Size: 206*128*265mm

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ROKR Owl Clock Mechanical Gears 3D Wooden Puzzle LK503

Robotime-ROKR Clock with mechanical gear in a beautiful owl shape and battery movement. It has a wind-up pendulum with wind-up timer. When the time is up, the timer bell will ring! We provide everything you need to build this 3D Mechanical Gears Wooden Puzzle Kit. Have fun assembling your own watch!

  • BATTERY WATCH: A real watch powered by a precise quartz battery movement. BELL TIMER: A timer is powered by a spring and rings when the time is up (max: 30 minutes).
  • REAL PENDULUM: A spring-driven pendulum with a precise lever escapement.
  • ELEGANT LOOK: Attractive owl shape and beautiful dial with Roman numerals. As a home decor, it will be a pleasure for the eyes.
  • PERFECT GIFT: Present for mechanical lovers or family and friends on any occasions like Birthday, Father’s Day or Christmas. The fun of building kits and mechanical engineering brain teasers.


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