Flowery Sweets & Teas


DG146 belongs to the Leisure Time series which are all designed as single-family house with a transparent PET sheet to make them spacious and bright. This house, Flower Sweet & Teas is designed with all shops you see on streets in real life a reference. With detailed and impressive design, you can experience the joy of operating a tea and dessert shop when assembling it.

  • Age:14+
  • Material:Wood, Paper-cuts, LED light, etc.
  • Assembly Time: 24h
  • Assembly Size: 220*149*170mm
  • Pieces: 184

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Rolife Flowery Sweets&Teas DIY Miniature Dollhouse DG146

Flowery Sweets&Teas DG146

You’re wandering aimlessly along the beach when suddenly a small store comes into view. It’s a small store with simple but delicate decoration. Through the transparent window, you can see freshly-made tea and desserts on the table, and the mixed aroma of food is filling the air. “Why not have leisure time here and forget about pressure of work today”, you think like that. Therefore, you sit at the table and order a cup of tea and sweet dessert with breezes all the way from the ocean. It’s a cozy afternoon.


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