DIY Music Box–Ferris Wheel


This is a Ferris Wheel DIY music box which could relax your mind and soul. It has a beautifully designed outlook with lovely tune ‘Around The World 80 Days’.

  • Age: 14+
  • Material: Wood
  • Assembly Time: 1.5h
  • Pieces: 232
  • Assembled Size: 283*100*338mm

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Rolife Ferris Wheel 3D Wooden Puzzle Music Box TGN01

You are going to love this Rolife Ferris Wheel DIY music box. This beautifully designed 3D wooden puzzle offers you a smooth assembly experience that will reward your whole weekend. It’s a great home decor and hands-on gift for kids & teens, especially girls.

  • UNIQUE GIFT: This DIY music box 3D wooden puzzle will be a unique hands-on gift for any DIY lovers or any occasion like Christmas, Mother’s Day, Birthday. Easy to assemble with loads of fun.
  • EXQUISITE DECOR: Beautiful designs make it an artistic home decor when finished. Wind up the spring and dance to the beautiful tune playing.
  • REWARDING DIY: Have fun in the relaxing DIY crafting. You will forget all the worries and pressure during the assembly. It needs patience and dexterity, but not hard!


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