Falling Sakura


This DIY book nook kit will take you to a romantic wonderland of cherry blossoms and immerse yourself in the beauty of traditional Eastern architecture.

  • Age: 14+
  • Material:Plywood, Density board,Paper,Acrylic
  • Assembly Time: 3h
  • Assembled Size: 101*187*242mm
  • Pieces: 240

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Rolife Falling Sakura DIY Book Nook Shelf Insert TGB05

Falling Sakura is a book nook with a 3D miniature scene. It is designed with exquisite details to show Chinese architecture style. There are many Chinese elements including Chinese ancient architectures of the Song Dynasty, wind chimes, the valley and waterfalls with sakura.

Robotime-Rolife Falling Sakura TGB05 is a creative self-assembly Book Nook kit in the form of a miniature house. We have offered you everything you need to build this mini cherry blossom wonderland – with all the wooden pieces and tools, and you will gradually recover the entire ‘Falling Sakura’ scene, such as the buildings, mountain valley, moon, trees, river, etc.

*Notes:Due to customs policy, the batteries (2 pieces of AAA/LR03/AM4 1.5V) and glue may not be included in the package. Glue: you could use eco-glue, wood glue, or strong glue.


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