Classical Gramophone (Hand Rotating)


This classic hand-rotating gramophone 3D wooden puzzle will restore classic machinery in the electrical age, and bring back the golden years in late 19th century.

  • Number of Pieces: 424
  • Difficulty Level: ★★★★★★
  • Assembly Time: About 10h
  • Age: 14+
  • Package Size: 317*235*83mm
  • Assembly Size: 226*261*429mm

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ROKR DIY Crank Classic Gramophone LKB01 (Hand Rotating) 3D Wooden Puzzle

ELECTRIC MODE – ROKR gramophone is a 1:1 replica of classic 19th-century recording equipment, featuring unique horn speakers and rotating recording discs. After assembly, it can be a perfect antique display on your table. It supports playing a 7-inch accurate vinyl record by 424 pcs. Electric mode for the automatic playing of records with a more decorative function.


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