Rainbow Candy House


Welcome to the rainbow candy house. Come and explore this miniature world of sweet fantasy!

As its name shows, rainbow candy house is featured with exquisite accessories and vivid colors. With a theme of remembering childishness, there are many fun parts like colored candies, candy machines and the drummer soldier. This miniature house will bring you a visual enjoyment.

  • Age: 14+
  • Material: Wood, PVC, etc.
  • Assembly Time: 9h
  • Assembled Size: 220*140*168mm
  • Pieces: 179

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Rolife Rainbow Candy House DIY Miniature House DG158

In our childhood, many of us have dreamed of bringing all the candy in the world to create a fabulous, huge candy house with a gorgeous glow… Now, this wonderful dream is realized in the form of DIY miniature house! This Rolife Rainbow Candy House miniature dollhouse kit uses yellow-green as the main color, and red sky blue as a secondary color, which gives you an overall colorful rainbow look. Imagine when the key opens the door of the candy house, colorful crystal clear candies explode like magic balls, bringing beauty and joy!

Cute fairy tale atmosphere: Cute fairy tale atmosphere: This minaiture candy house contains a lot of candy elements and uses a variety of colors, warm and healing. Perfect gift for kids and adults on birthday and holidays.
Easy Assembly (no coloring needed): The wooden miniature dollhouse comes with paints and don’t need extra painting. The assembly process is simple, suitable for beginners.
Thoughtful design: This candy house features an enlarged transparent window, an openable door and a cut-out top for easy viewing.
LED light: This DIY dollhouse also comes with a LED light on the top which will enhance the atmosphere at night or in the dark by a simple touch of the switch.


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