Marble Climber


ROLLER COASTER DESIGN – This Tower Coaster 3D puzzle is like a real roller coaster, and the ball can be rolled along the track. Real-life mechanisms inspire these designs. Four kinds of 3D wooden coaster craft kits bring adults back to childhood and help children enjoy a journey of exploring woodcraft construction.

  • Items Included: Wooden Pieces, Steel Balls, etc.
  • Number of Pieces: 233
  • Package Size: 317*233*46 mm
  • Assembly Size: 255*229*204mm

160 in stock

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ROKR Marble Climber Fortress 3D Wooden Puzzle LG504

Feel the ultimate romance with this exquisite wooden mechanical gear model. This creative wooden wall clock is 100% gear-driven which tells you the acurate time. With horizontal adjustment device, gear drive and gravity pendulum design, this unique clock will be great in funtionality as well aesthetics. Build it with your own hands and place it on your wall to upscale the look of your space!14:19.


  • The package includes important information, and please keep it well for future reference.
  • Children must assemble under the guidance of adults in case of swallowing.
  • Due to customs policy, the wax may not be included in the package. Wax: you could use ordinary candles, crayons, beeswax, etc.


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