Dreamy Garden House


Experience a World of Flavors at the Enchanting Coffee Haven.

  • Age:14+
  • Material:Plywood, Paper, Plastic
  • Assembly Time: 6h
  • Assembled Size: 245*190*190mm
  • Pieces: 240

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Rolife Dreamy Garden House DIY Miniature House Kit DG163

Rolife Dreamy Garden House gives us a glimpse of European-style garden houses and is one of the best garden houses you can see in the market. The high-quality structure of every frame and cover guarantees a durable and stable setup. In constructing this mini version of a garden house, you must invest at least 6 hours for the smooth and easy assembling. The entrance door, clear outer frames, and side window justify the European inspiration. It has a spacious, transparent greenhouse with a secret garden box inside, making it more interesting.

In terms of the perimeter and other spots in the garden house, there is a flower planting area and a flower garden where seeds, watering cans, planting pots, and more gardening kits are in the scene that show perfection in a gardening workspace. Also, different pieces of wooden furniture in their classic styles complete the set, from tables, seats, cloth blankets, racks, flower ledge, and cabinets. The flower chandelier that provides warm light during nighttime also added some aesthetic touch. Indeed, the Rolife Dreamy Garden House’s realistic approach will trigger creativity and imaginative skills.

Overall, this mini version of a garden house will exceed your expectations. The set of objects included are of their utmost quality, the designs are very detailed, and the whole setup shows durability. Start building your ideal European-inspired garden house with us now.

*Notes: Due to customs policy, the wax may not be included in the package. Wax: You could use ordinary candles, crayons, beeswax, etc.


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