Dreaming Terrace Garden


Dreaming Terrace Garden is a flowery corner where you can forget all your unhappiness and feel the beauty of plants. This miniature dollhouse just has a size of a palm. Using classic Tiffany Blue as the main color, supplemented by bright yellow and cherry blossom pink, all these elements in this house create a tranquil and alive garden.

  • Age:14+
  • Material:Wood, Pvc, etc.
  • Assembly Time: 6h
  • Assembled Size: 90*90*96mm
  • Pieces: 72

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Rolife Dreaming Terrace Garden DIY Miniature House DS030

There is a small garden house full of all kinds of blossoms in the town and a young gardener lives inside. She can grow beautiful flowers. All people in the town like her flowers and often come here to buy those lovely flowers. Like magic, people say her flowers can remind them a feeling of happiness.

Every morning, the gardener wakes up early to take care of her flowers. With the the fragrance of flowers, she can stay in this little garden for a whole day. Her favorite thing to do is enjoying the sunlight with flowers.


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