Cathy’s Flower House


Cathy’s Flower House is the most popular DIY miniature house kit ever! It mimics a well-designed transparent glass greenhouse, like a dream garden house in real!

  • Age:14+
  • Material:Wood, Paper-cuts, LED light, etc.
  • Assembly Time: 20h
  • Assembled Size: 195*175*175mm
  • Pieces: 231

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Rolife Cathy’s Flower House DIY Miniature House DG104

Rolife Cathy's Flower House DIY Miniature House DG104

Cathy’s Flower House DG104 is one of the most popular Rolife DIY miniature house kits. With so many cute little plants, flowers, vases, flower racks, slatted crates, wooden cabinets, paper boxes, photo frames, spades, brooms, paintings, etc., this flower house will make you smile whenever you see it. We have prepared every piece and tool you’ll need for this DIY experience. Let’s build this fabulous flower miniature dollhouse and share the happiness it brings to you with your family & friends!


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