Dora’s Loft


Dora’s loft is inspired by many beautiful lofts we often see in movies and daily life. With two floors, the house is divided into two different parts. On the first floor there is a book shelf and a cozy sofa to make people enjoy reading time here. On the second floor, it is more spacious. It’s relaxing time to sit on the chair and enjoy some music under the sun.

  • Age:14+
  • Material:Wood, Paper-cuts, LED light, etc.
  • Assembly Time: 26h
  • Assembly Size: 230*160*260mm
  • Pieces: 171

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Rolife Dora’s Loft Miniature Dollhouse kit DG12

Dora’s Loft DG12 DIY miniature houses kit

It is a modern loft house with two floors. On the first floor, there is a well-organized book shelf and a cozy sofa to create a comfortable reading zone. Many pictures of cute cats hanging on the wall and the cat’s bowl and house on the ground shows Dora loves her cats. On the second floor, it is a bright room with many green plants. With sun lights shining, the house is full of life.

  • 【Exquisite Mini House and Eco-Friendly Materials】Our diy mini doll house is very well made, using a miniature scale of about 1:24. All pieces are in seperate bags and a colourful step by step instruction book is included, which is a joy to read and very clear.The materials in the kit are eco-friendly, have no burrs.The paint is odorless and can also be easily washed out by water
  • 【DIY Model Kits and A Handmade Toy】This wood model kits will make you fall in love with arts and crafts and become fulfilled. Inside the furniture suite are easy to stitching, Even if you are a beginner, follow the steps to do it will not be too hard. You can give yourself a plan, spend two hours a day to assemble, stick to it, not only develop good habits, but also make a surprise toy house
  • 【Be Patience and Feel Amazing】To build it, patience is the ultimate key to success.It can be assembled with family, friends and lovers to experience the pleasure of hands-on.A sense of accomplishment will come when it is finished.You can redecorate it and add in your new creation.After turning on the light, it makes a comfy, cute room to look at once and awhile
  • 【Perfect Gift and Excellent Home Decor】No one will refuse such a fairy house gift!If you are a diy lover or have patience and time,this product is very suitable for you, it is more delicate than the average handicrafts.In addition, it can be a creative birthday, christmas, Valentine’s Day gift or home decor for boys,girls,boyfriends,girlfriends,dad,mom,wife,daughter
  • 【Matters Needing Attention】The material of the dollhouse is accurate, so don’t waste it at every step and use it according to the instructions, otherwise it will result in the shortage of the final parts. Don’t be discouraged if something in the kit is broken, use your imagination to fix it.(Battery is not included in the shipping)


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